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Frequently Asked Questions

AraTok is an Interactive Audiovisual Platform. It offers the most comprehensive set of tools and services for online performance, ticketing, and communication between artists, venues, institutions and their fans/users.

AraTok has several services, all created with state-of-the-art technologies that maximise audiovisual quality and user experience:
  • Online concerts and performances: if you are an individual or organisation that wishes to stream a live performance or a concert online, AraTok is the ideal option for you. With our maximal audiovisual quality and dedicated customer support, we guarantee an unparalleled visual user experience for you and your audience around the world. Regardless of whether your performance is live or recorded, AraTok will deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Ticketing & scheduling system: AraTok offers one of the most flexible ticketing and scheduling systems on the market today. You can schedule one or multiple events, with each event having one or multiple dates/times. AraTok supports many different pricing structures that can be easily configured to best suit your audience expectations and your own requirements. You can also sell bundle tickets, group tickets and even issue discount vouchers.
  • Free instant video meetings with no time limit: with a few mouse clicks you can easily create and share a meeting room with your guests, all for free, without any annoying time limits. Our meetings provide more advanced interactive features than most of the available meeting platforms, for example: you can upload video files and play them whenever you want to all participants, with optimal video and audio quality, the meeting room with all its uploaded materials will remain available for all participants even after the end of the meeting, you can convert any participant to a viewer and vice versa. All for free!
  • Interactive interviews, webinars, workshops, consultancy & educational sessions: whether you are a presenter, a journalist, a consultant, a teacher, a music instructor, or anyone else who needs to deliver content online, the AraTok service is ideal for you. There is no time limit on your sessions, files and materials can be easily shared with your audience/student/customers and they will remain available on our cloud. You can record your sessions and download them or decide to keep them on our cloud for free. AraTok is constantly evolving as we get feedback from our customers and we have recently launched a set of unique features for music instructors (e.g. Karaoke video uploads and synchronised streaming on all attendees drives).
  • Personalised videos for fans/users: artists can accept requests from fans to record personalised videos to celebrate their events (e.g. birthday, wedding, etc.) or to answer their questions. The artist can activate or deactivate this feature and can even fix a price for the personalised videos.
  • Commercial enquiries: on AraTok, artists/institutions can publish their online profile which opens opportunities for commercial enquiries. Commercial enquiries can be from individuals or organisations that wish to request a special performance or the recording of a promotional video. Pricing and terms & conditions can be decided while negotiating with the requesters.

AraTok is becoming popular with musicians, singers, comedians and... teachers, institutions, universities, government departments.

Many aspects make AraTok a unique platform for online performance/events, some of the major points are:
  • Unique interactivity with extremely low latency: up to one million attendees can watch and interact in real-time (with a class-leading latency of less than 200 milliseconds). The audience can participate with classical written chat messages, but also with their audio and video if the event organiser allows. An AraTok online performance is no longer uni-directed, cold, and without feedback. With AraTok the artists can hear and see the audience all in real-time.
  • Advanced ticketing: with our ticketing system you can define multiple tiers of tickets, and generate tickets for offline physical sale in shops. In addition to the simple tickets, you can create bundle tickets that allow the purchase of multiple shows tickets at a cheaper price, group tickets are also easy to create and manage. All this comes with a user friendly interface and easy management and reporting dashboards.
  • Multiple streaming protocols as a service: adapting to all levels of internet connection quality, AraTok is probably the only platform that provides the two standard streaming protocols (WebRTC and HLS) at the same time, so your audience can watch you anywhere in the world from any device, no matter how good or poor their internet quality is.
  • Several revenue models to suit your needs: you can choose the most suitable revenue model for your event, we have models without upfront fee or models pre-paid with a licence fee. Please check the “What are the available revenue models?” question below.
  • HD recording of your events: we record your event in HD quality, you can decide to download the video or to keep it stored on our cloud, for free.
  • Continuous monetization of your events: after the event, you can still continue selling tickets to watch the recording, our ticketing system allows the definition of different prices for Live and Recorded events.
  • Live streaming to other social media and video platforms: you can decide to live-stream part, or all of your event to Facebook or YouTube live (other networks will be added in the future).
  • Synchronised play of multimedia assets: unlike other tools where you have to share your screen in order to show a video (which results in poor quality audio), AraTok allows you to upload your videos and audio files, and play them synchronised with the participant with high quality audio and video. This is very popular when participants are at a karaoke party.
  • Interactive QA tools for surveys, contests and education: if you want to ask your audience any questions, you can simply prepare your questions before the live session and display them at the appropriate time. The questions can be timed, and response statistics will be available to you on a per-participant or whole group basis.
  • Full web compatibility: no need to install any app, all our services work perfectly on any device that has a web browser, which is pretty much every computing device, even some refrigerators.
  • GDPR compliance: we respect the privacy of our customers and no personal data will be shared with any third party. We do not monetize the data of our customers.

AraTok is the ideal monetisation medium for online performances, no matter if your event is live or recorded, purely virtual or physical with a real audience. You can generate revenue from online ticket sales, you can interact with your fans/users via paid video requests, where the fans/users might ask you to record videos to answer their question, or to organise a private consultancy sessions/lessons/concerts/workshops for them. Our ticketing and scheduling system is flexible, easy to use with an advanced reporting system that helps you understand your audience and plan your future online events.

We currently have three models, and we can discuss other options (in that case please contact us on [email protected]). Here are our current revenue models:
  • Option 1 - Ticket sales share: No upfront payment is required. Organise your events, go live, and when you generate revenue, we share it with you, our standard rate is 20%, but for your first performances we will offer discounts and additional support packages.
  • Option 2 - Pay As You Go: No upfront payment is required. With our PAYG option, after your event you will pay per minute of watching per user, this will give you a maximum freedom unlike other platforms that oblige the user to pay upfront for a maximum number of audience that can attend your event.
  • Option 3 - Licence: If you prefer to plan your expenses ahead of the event, you can reach out to us and discuss our various licencing options.

  • Payment is available with all major credit/debit cards or via PayPal.
  • Local payment with cash is also available in Lebanon, and we are working on adding cash payment mechanisms in other countries.
  • AraTok will collect all the payments and process all refund or dispute requests, and will send you the amount to your bank account, anywhere in the world.

    No, you can organise your events for free on AraTok.

    Not always, we will do our best to help you go online with a minimal cost, or even for free. Discuss with us and we can decide on what is best for you and your event.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with “Demo request” as subject, and our team will be happy to meet you and demonstrate the platform, answer all your questions, and discuss your plans.